Import And Export Assistance

We provide help through advice and, when required, by getting involved in our client’s business.

Transforming a customer’s business in the logistics world requires a partner who has the right knowledge of the industry, deep insight, backed with innovative thinking capabilities and a winning attitude. GVI brings this to the table when running advisory services for client depending on what aspect of the industry or their business set up they will like to focus on.

Our advisory services covers requirements of clients who are already in business or those that are just about setting up.

1. International Logistics Advisory
2. Maritime Operations Advisory
3. Import & Export (Strategy, Planning & Execution)
4. Documentation and Customs Brokerage
4. Procurement and Sourcing Strategy

Your Trusted Partner

Our Competitive Advantage


Great Valopa Investment Limited’s staff maintains a rigorous work ethic and practices their profession in a most professional manner. The company works to ensure everyone with our immediate business network has access to the most basic necessities, abides by the safest and most hygienic work conditions, and receives the full support of our team and management.

Quality Service

We are committed to total customer satisfaction and continual improvement in our
performance to meet customer expectation at all times. We are further committed to
utilize eco-friendly technology and develop a motivated work force with total commitment,
which will lead us to become the best in the industry.

Extensive Distribution Channel

​Our wide servicing network coverage extends across Markets in Nigeria and Africa 

Experienced Team

Our people are well-equipped with professionalism, high degree of competence with considerable experiences in vary aspects. Moreover, our solid infrastructure –  warehousing & logistic, supportive back-end operation chain, up-to-date integration system, helps in sustaining the consistency of level of services. 

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